About Us

We first visited Yllas in 2005. Our children were all grown up with children of their own by then. This was the first holiday that we took on our own, and what a holiday it was too! In just one week we made lifetime friends and had once in a lifetime adventures too!

We had such a fantastic time that we wanted our children to share that as well. So, over many years we saved hard and built Onnela.

So, Onnela came from a family dream – a wish to give our children and grandchildren a magical holiday home, a home where snowy adventures would start and never end!

That wish is now very real and our family adventures have begun. We would love for you to experience that happy journey too.

We are sure that you will love Onnela as much as we do. In fact, every part has been given so much thought; from our lovely, wide comfortable beds to the relaxing spa bath and sauna.

Everyone who has visited us in Onnela has told us how beautiful it is, and how lucky we are! We think so too and hope you will come and stay and create your own unforgettable memories of Lapland!

Over the years we have had the pleasure of visiting many local restaurants and shops. So we have selected a few of our personal favourites that you might like to visit too. The staff are all so friendly and helpful too.

In fact, they are all so close to Onnela that there is really no need to hire a car: just enjoy the scenery, the clean air and take a walk there instead!

We are very aware that Onnela sits in one of the last true wild areas in Europe. So we want to reduce our impact on the environment through a programme of improvements, which make Onnela an eco-friendly home too.

How to Find Us

Flights are quite easy from the UK, with routes available from London, Manchester and Edinburgh to Helsinki. The flight time is approximately three hours.

A connecting flight (about one and a half hours) is usually required from Helsinki, but this is really quite straightforward. However, during certain holiday periods, there may be direct flights from the UK to Kittilä. Monarch has recently started these flights directly into Kittila from London and Manchester. The main air company that serves Lapland is Finnair.

The closest airport to the nearby village of Äkäslompolo is Kittilä airport. A bus service operates between Äkäslompolo and Kittilä Airport and runs in conjunction with most Finnair domestic scheduled flights, this service stops out the Hotel Ylläskaltio which is about 3 minutes walk from Onnela.  The Skibus also runs between the ski slope and the villages of Ylläsjärvi and Äkäslompolo.

Taxi services are available 24 hours a day via the central reservation centre, telephone +358 200 718 00.