Luxury Log Cabin in Lapland

Our Cabin

Onnela was built in 2016 with family holidays in mind. Indeed Onnela is big enough to accommodate 8 people with comfort amidst the beautiful wilderness that is Ylläs.

Onnela was even built in an eco-friendly way! All of the timber used to make Onnela was harvested from sustainable and managed Finnish forests.

In fact; not only will you find yourself relaxing in Onnela because of where it is, you will relax because of what it is made from too.

Recent independent research has shown that ‘natural wood inside a house is proven to have the same healing and restorative effects as connection with nature. Stress relief, a lower blood pressure and a lower heart beat rate are the restorative health effects of living in a log home that comes from clean forests’.

Onnela even stays cool in summer and warm in winter!


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